Bibliography: citeulike

At Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute we use citeulike to keep track of the journal picks. The best way of adding a new bibliography entry is with a bookmarlet.

The bookmarklets are javascript code that you save as a bookmark.

There is a new one that port selected DOI or checked PUBMED list from pubmed, and even googlebooks ISBN into citeulike.

I found it more useful that the one that extract the metadata from the current page. Also the popup version is better because does not take you out of your page:

[update:  the below link from citeulike gets corrupted when copy-paste as Fergus well spotted it]

Post to CiteULike (with popup) [NB: this is the working one on 2009-12-26  beware if you copy it from here long after this date]

But you can find the up to date one here] under Advanced bookmarklets

[source code of the bookmarklet (the %20 are the html encoded spaces)]


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