[Q:] numeric modern perl

In this new rebirth of perl, we have moose for OO, dbx::class for ORM, catalyst for MVC,  and now two month ago there was a new release of PDL for matrix and vectorization number crunching.

Question: Are PDL and the graphics libraries to plot for PDL obsolete or simply people does not know of its existence? Is people using them in non-legacy production code? Are only astrophisics using it?

Should we use PDL instead of scripting R from inside perl scripts?

I would like to hear about modern success stories with PDL and comparisons with R for example for some basic matrix manipulation or vectorization.

How many active CPAN modules are using PDL?

In the new bioinformatics era of massive parallel sequencing  and high throughput expression and genotyping analysis a lot of people is using Perl for handling data, but turning into R for filtering, transforming and plotting the data. Perl can not compete with R in the statistical grounds, but now R is gaining adepts even for web plotting and cgi.

Do we have modern plotting libraries besides PLplot in CPAN?  And  do we have good tutorials for use them?

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