Blog edited by Dr. Pablo Marín García,

I am a Bioinformatician at Sanger Institute and European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK.

My preferred …

  • programming language: perl 5.10 (with catalyst, moose, ORM etc)
  • SQL server: MySQL
  • Operating system: Debian
  • text editor: Emacs -nw
  • Desktop manager: I hate them at work (I use rsync-rxvt-emacs) I am an ASCII-only geek
  • versioning system: git and subversion
  • genome browser: EnsEMBL and my home-made ones
  • genomic data source: EnsEMBL
  • bioinfo API: bioperl, EnsEMBL and my own ones.
  • javascript library: jquery
  • web browser: firefox with foxy-proxy, webdeveloper, scribefire, firebug plugins

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